The charity marathon connects people together in the spirit of competition, camaraderie and community.


The auction will be started in the morning of Thursday, April 13, 2017 at Center Hotel.
There are over 100 featured pictures that will be auctioned in this charity event.
Expected the starting price of photograph is 20,000$.
The winner is the bidder offering the highest price.
Other bidders also can contribute our fund by our charity box.
All money earned in this charity event will donate to people that our volunteer photographers went to.
Any philanthropist, nonprofit organization, NGO want to donate or ask any question, let contact with our staff.

It has, however, been difficult to move from talking about the links to taking action and figuring out how people are going to work together in practice in order to fully address the WASH factors that contribute to the transmission of NTDs.

Although there are proven treatments for current infections of many of the NTDs, there is an awareness that in highly endemic areas, successfully addressing these diseases is not possible or sustainable without improvement to the WASH-related factors that contribute to their spread.

The need for a joint approach has been clear and well agreed – the challenge has been how to make it a reality and ensure people collaborate to eliminate these diseases.